Holly Williams

Monday-Friday: 10am-3pm

Let’s see…a little information about myself. I’ve been “doing” radio for 20 years now. I started full time on the classic rock station many moons ago and then went to a modern rock station, old rock to new rock. I then went to another station that played a lot of terrific singer-songwriters and now I’m very happy to be on BOB-FM. At one time, between on-air gigs, I was very fortunate to program some of the radio stations in the Hampton Roads Market. These days I guess you could say I’m extremely well rounded in the medium ’cause NOW I also dabble in sales! The bottom line is, I LOVE radio.

Q&A w/ Holly Williams

Birth date: December 29th

Hometown: Broomall & Westtown, PA (outside of Philly)

Favorite Song Of All Time: Not easy to decide but some that I love a lot-Springsteen’s “Meeting Across The River” and Stevie Wonder’s “Knocks Me Off My Feet” (as far as love songs are concerned)

Favorite Band Of All Time:  The Bowie- Man for sure

Favorite Album: So Tuff—will go with Bowie’s David Live at the Tower Theater AND Born to Run by Bruuuuuuce AND 4 Way Street by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

If I Could Only Listen To 10 Songs For The Rest Of My Life It Would Be: 

  • Springsteen  – Meeting Across The River
  • Bowie’s – Lady Stardust
  • Luther Vandross – Live version of “House is not a Home” NAACP 1988 awards
  • Funkadelic – One Nation Under a Groove
  • Soundgarden – Spoonman (Love Cornell)
  • Stevie Wonder – Knocks me Off my Feet (really love all of his music)
  • Pearl Jam – Release
  • Shelby Lynne – Dreamsome
  • Tony Bennett – Stranger in Paradise (Love a lot of the singers from this era-Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Vic Damone, etc)
  • Led Zepplin – Trampled Under Foot (Love this album too-Physical Graffiti)

Hobbies: Cooking and eating

Favorite Sports Team:  Philadelphia Eagles

Favorite Superhero: Thor (all about Chris Hemsworth)

Favorite Cartoon: Bugs Bunny

My Role Model Is: Parents/Siblings

Favorite Concert: Tuff one-Bowie’s Spider tour and Springsteen’s at the Garden in NYC in 2000

Favorite TV Show: Anything from Masterpiece Theater

My Happy Place Is: A Warm sunny day on the beach with favorite Beverages!!!!!

My Best Halloween Costume was: Wednesday from the Addams Family

The Place I Really Want To Visit: ALL of Italy

The One Thing That Would Surprise People About Me Is: Huge Jane Austen Fan

If I Could Only Eat One Meal For The Rest Of My Life It Would Be: Pasta of All Kinds

If I Hit The Lottery I Would: Pay off bills and share the rest with Family and Friends

I Can’t Get Enough Of: MUSIC

I Went Into Radio Because: MUSIC

If I Could Invite 3 People, Dead Or Alive, To A Dinner Party It Would Be:  Bowie of course, Abraham Lincoln and Johnny Depp