Jay West

Monday-Saturday: 3pm-7pm


I’ve been playing the radio ‘game’ for about 30 years. Arrived in Hampton Roads the Summer of ’95 and haven’t looked back since. Love the ’80’s music and all the variety heard on 93.7 BOB FM.

Q&A w/ Jay West

Birth date: December 12th

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Favorite Song Of All Time: Nick Drake – “Northern Sky”

Favorite Band Of All Time: Prince & The Revolution

Favorite Album: Purple Rain

If I Could Only Listen To 10 Songs For The Rest Of My Life It Would Be: 

  • Cold Chisel – “Khe Sanh”
  • Chris Rea – “Gone Fishing”
  • Bryan Ferry – “The Chosen One”
  • Etta James – “At Last”
  • Jean Leloup – ” L’amour est sans Pitie’ “
  • Prince – “Purple Rain”
  • Men At Work – “Highwire”
  • Foy Vance – ” Unlike Any Other”
  • Bruce Springsteen – “She’s The One”
  • Lou Gramm – “Midnight Blue”

Hobbies: Enjoying the exploration of wine around the world

Hidden Talent: Can’t hide it, you either have it or you don’t

Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Cubs

Favorite Superhero: Uh, next question please.

Favorite Cartoon: Classic Bugs Bunny OR Simpsons & Family Guy

My Role Model Is: Male – My Dad / Female – My Wife

Favorite Concert: Prince PURPLE RAIN TOUR in Los Angeles February 1985 when Madonna & Bruce Springsteen joined him onstage

Favorite TV Show: older Seinfeld / newer The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

My Happy Place Is: Bottle of wine, a nice view, surrounded by great company

Favorite Word: Plethora

My Best Halloween Costume was: I never dress

The Place I Really Want To Visit: Portugal

The One Thing That Would Surprise People About Me Is: I only run indoors

If I Could Only Eat One Meal For The Rest Of My Life It Would Be: Pork tenderloin with herb pepper rub, broccoli & a bottle of my favorite Syrah … a 2009 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Hermitage Rouge from the Northern Rhone area of France.

If I Hit The Lottery I Would: Travel the globe

I Can’t Get Enough Of: pico de gallo

I Went Into Radio Because: Because I grew up listening to amazing radio & DJ’s in Chicago, LA/Orange County & San Francisco – caught the bug and the rest is history

If I Could Invite 3 People, Dead Or Alive, To A Dinner Party It Would Be:  Benjamin Franklin, Malala Yousafzai & Fred Dame